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We Keep Our Top-Notch Employees S.A.F.E.

Safety is always Top Notch Staffing's number one priority!

TNS’s client and associate safety is built into our onboarding processes. Our methodology is simple.

S. Safety Tour Completion

  • As previously mentioned, Top Notch Staffing requires all clients to complete the TNSQP process, which includes a facility tour. At that time, we will complete a safety assessment form.
  • Branch operations and recruiters should be invited along to the TNSQP to ensure they fully understand the client's work environment, job requirements, machines and tools used, safety processes, and procedures, as well as take the opportunity to ask all stakeholders questions regarding their operations.
  • Top Notch will also ask to review the client's OSHA logs, or at least their most recent 300A Summary, to gain an understanding of repetitive injuries or possible risks to Top Notch Staffing employees.

A. Always Take an Effective Job Order and Communicate

  • Top Notch Staffing will also ensure that you really understand each job function(s) and
  • Top Notch Staffing will only place TNS employees in demanding positions that have recent, relevant experience.
  • Top Notch Staffing will provide a pre-start orientation that helps TNS employees understand job duties and requirements
  • Top Notch Staffing will always validate operators' equipment experience

F. First, Report All Injuries

  • Top Notch Staffing will provide clients with alternative contact info in case of after-hours injury.
  • If able, Top Notch Staffing will have employees come into the office immediately to complete the First Report of Injury form.
  • Top Notch Staffing will investigate all injuries within 24 hours and complete the Incident Analysis Form.
  • Once complete
  • Top Notch Staffing Will meet with the client to discuss possible solutions and remedies to ensure the injury will not happen again.
  • Top Notch Staffing partners with customers to offer a light-duty program that enhances employee morale, demonstrating Top Notch’s commitment to keep the employee working. It has also allowed Top Notch to better manage the overall claim and care of the worker.

E. Everyone Communicates

  • If a Top Notch Staffing employee's assignment changes or is different than described in pre-assignment orientation, the employee will communicate with Top Notch Staffing
  • If a client decides to change the Top Notch Staffing employee’s role, the client will communicate with Top Notch Staffing prior to the change.
  • If an injury occurs, the client will notify Top Notch Staffing immediately, regardless of severity.
  • Top Notch Staffing employee will report the injury to the client supervisor and TNS supervisor immediately.

Top Notch Staffing has also invested in several safety training programs that are provided through Top Notch Staffing's insurance carrier. Top Notch Staffing can create a comprehensive safety orientation for all TNS employees that will coincide with the client's safety material.