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Top Notch Staffing LLC’s Recruitment Sources

Recruiting the best associates is the key to Top Notch Staffing’s success! An equal opportunity employer, Top Notch Staffing is committed to recruiting the best available candidates in the market.

Our success is founded on creativity, diligence, and our reputation for providing great career opportunities, along with competitive benefits. Recruiting is our core competency, and we invest significant finances, time, and energy into the process.

Top Notch Staffing actively recruits associates utilizing a wide range of recruiting sources including:

  • Referrals
  • Internet
  • Television
  • Employment Guides
  • Job Fairs
  • Minority Organizations
  • Customer Referrals

Below is an overview of results achieved through various recruiting methods.

It is important to note that existing associates refer almost half of our new associates to us. This is a testament to the fact that we not only recognize the value of our associates but also demonstrate our commitment to them each and every day.

Screening and Hiring Process:

Top Notch Staffing’s application process consists of seven steps prior to an applicant being placed for assignment. These include:

1. Telephone Pre-Screen/Interview

Top Notch Staffing’s telephone interview is our first contact with a potential applicant. Our trained staff uses this opportunity to obtain specific information about an applicant's experience, ability, and personality.

The minimum requirements to apply for work with Top Notch Staffing include communication skills, verifiable work history, appropriate documentation to work in the United States, and the ability to provide a minimum of two work references.

2. Application Completion

If the applicant meets the minimum requirements, they are invited to complete the Top Notch Staffing application, detailing skills, work history, and other pertinent information.

3. In-Person Behavioral Interview

At Top Notch Staffing, we recognize the value of a thorough interview process. A trained member of our team conducts an extensive, one-on-one interview with each applicant.

Our interview process is designed to identify skills, qualifications, personal attributes, work attitude, and career goals. The interview provides Top Notch Staffing with the opportunity to establish a solid employer/employee relationship, this is vital to providing quality-oriented, productive associates.

4. Skills Evaluation

During the personal interview, job skills are identified, and the candidate is directed into a relevant skills evaluation. As a matter of Top Notch Staffing policy, we validate and verify all skills that our candidates claim to have prior to placement with our customers.

Our unique performance evaluation methods ensure quality placements. Each step in our skills evaluation process is specifically designed to assess key areas that ensure productive placements.

In order to ensure that all candidates are evaluated carefully, with objective appraisals, Top Notch Staffing utilizes an Internet-based technology that tests an applicant's skills and knowledge.

All tests are independently validated, and the simulation testing goes deep into the application process, ensuring that associates are qualified for your business needs. Our comprehensive assessment ensures that we only send you associates that are qualified to meet your precise needs.

5. Reference and I-9 Checks (E-Verify)

It is Top Notch Staffing’s commitment to our customers that we obtain two references for each applicant before assigning them to any customer site.

Our staff will request input from the applicant's former employers regarding rehire ability, qualifications, performance, and general character. Reference checks are done in writing or by telephone to assure absolute accuracy of information.

When a skill cannot be accurately tested, we verify job history through telephone interviews with past employers. In addition, Top Notch Staffing utilizes E-Verify, which ensures all applicants are legally eligible to work in the United States.

6. Orientation

All Top Notch Staffing associates receive a thorough orientation prior to being considered for any assignment. The Top Notch Staffing employee orientation includes detailed information on payroll, performance expectations, behavior, benefits, attendance, and more.

In addition, Top Notch Staffing provides a general safety orientation program to each employee as part of our application process. The orientation program covers general safety rules and policies and includes a safety handbook.

Following the program, each employee is given a multiple-choice test on the general safety rules, including a HazCom section, in order to ensure understanding of the material.

"On average, each Top Notch employee Branch interviews over 100 candidates each and every week!”

7. Custom Match

Once we have verified an applicant's qualifications and skills, that candidate is considered available for an assignment.

Our trained staff performs a thorough evaluation of your position requirements including skills, level of proficiency, culture, work environment, and length of the assignment. We are then able to match your requirements with the objectives of our associates.

At Top Notch Staffing, we understand that to truly make an effective match, you must consider a wide range of factors.

Retention Strategies:

Recruitment is just the first step in an effective human capital program. Retaining quality associates is also a key to our success. Clearly, it is in the best interest of our business, and that of our customers, to retain the quality associates that we recruit.

With that in mind, we not only expend significant financial resources in the pursuit of top quality associates, but we also invest heavily in the retention of those associates. All of our policies and procedures are designed to promote the retention of a qualified, flexible workforce.

Payroll and Invoice Processing:

All Top Notch Staffing associates are required to maintain a daily record of hours worked. Each timecard must be approved by the appropriate supervisor and submitted to Top Notch Staffing.

Top Notch Staffing pays our associates weekly. Payroll checks are distributed on Thursday (Holiday week schedules vary, with advanced notice given to associates). All associates will have the option of having their paychecks deposited directly into their checking, savings, or rapid pay card.

Invoices are reviewed and routed according to the specific guidelines requested by the client. Top Notch Staffing is committed to the timely processing of employee payroll
checks, invoices, and reports.

Invoices are prepared weekly for your convenience. Upon request, purchase order numbers, requisition numbers, or department identification information can be indicated on the invoice.

Insurance Coverage:

We maintain general liability coverage of $2 million general aggregate ($1 million each occurrence) and a $4 million umbrella. In addition, we carry workers' compensation insurance that meets the statutory limits and employer's liability insurance.

If you would like a copy of our Certificate of Insurance, please contact your Top Notch Staffing representative.

Exclusive Pricing Schedule:

Top Notch Staffing’s innovative professional services will produce tremendous savings and benefits. Some of the benefits to be realized include:

  • Eliminate time and costs associated with employee recruitment
  • Eliminate time and costs associated with employee selection (interviewing, reference verification, skill evaluations, etc.)
  • Increase productivity without increasing employee headcount
  • Reduce payroll costs by eliminating benefit expenses
  • Decrease workers' compensation costs
  • Reduce time and costs associated with personnel record keeping
  • Eliminate cost and risks associated with employee discipline

In consideration of our working partnership, Top Notch Staffing will offer a pricing schedule after the due diligence is completed.

If you are not completely satisfied with any employee provided by Top Notch Staffing, simply notify us, and we will immediately resolve the situation.

The client will not pay for an unsatisfactory employee if Top Notch Staffing is notified within four hours of the employee's start date and time. Top Notch Staffing will immediately remove the employee and provide a replacement.